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Smidgen Press

Breathing new life into old classics.

Smidgen Press is a boutique publishing house specializing in republications. We’re built around classic literature, community, and connection with readers.

Our Newest

Summary: A young girl learns the secret of listening to the creatures around her.

Author: Louise Jamison

Flat image of book cover for The Real Fairy Folk. Golden brocade border surrounding an image of a little girl in the garden with a basket. Above her is the title The Real Fairy Folk on a grey shade box, and beneath her in another grey shade box is Louise Jamison, illustrated by James M. Gleeson
The Real Fairy Folk

Summary: A 1912 children's textbook with a summary of Black history, beginning in Africa, through the diaspora, and into the early 20th century.

Author: Leila Amos Pendleton

Gray and Yellow Cover featuring Mrs. Pendleton in the center of the cover in a black lace dress surrounded by flowers. A Narrative of the Negro title is partially in a yellow banner at the top and then between two silhouettes of black men.
A Narrative of the Negro

Come savor books with us! The slow-release schedule of our boutique publishing house ensures that each project is treated with care, from digitally harvesting text out of old editions through professional proofreading and a fresh “new-old-book” typeset (no bound scans here!). And to set us solidly in the 21st century, we offer ebooks that not only function well, they look nice and don’t break.

We take great care to curate classics that our readers are looking for, and we guarantee the quality of every book.

We’re Smidgen Press: breathing new life into old classics, one volume at a time.

Got a Request?

Smidgen Press’s republished works are produced by people who are passionate about the preservation of classic literature. We are filling gaps in the availability of out-of-print book titles, specializing in quality digital books optimized for modern e-readers, to include accessibility for the visually impaired. (And we love our pretty print editions, too.)

Do you have a hard-to-find book you’d like for your homeschool, book club, or study group? You can request a book below: 

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In the Works

The Voyagers, a Newbery Honor book

The Voyagers by Padraic Colum tells of oceangoing adventures in the Atlantic, from mythical to historical.

A 1926 Newbery Honor recipient, this hard-to-find edition will soon be ready for everyday readers. Coming in ebook and print form.

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With outdated terminology in many classics, we want to be especially conscious of racial terms no longer in use.

We don’t believe in censorship, but we want to make readers aware of content they would want to discuss with young readers or avoid altogether. You can find any relevant information here in our blog posts. If you feel we’ve missed any content that should be addressed, please write us at