Our mission, our vision

Here at Smidgen Press, we chose the name “smidgen” because we believe the little things matter:

Quality. Respect. Attention to detail.

That’s why we go to such lengths to stay true to the manuscripts we republish. We want to honor the author, the work, and you, dear reader, offering you high-quality editions (of good stories!) for your shelves and your devices.

Preserving heritage texts

Working with old documents is challenging. We don’t publish works that aren’t carefully checked against their originals, line by line, to preserve the author’s voice and provide modern readers with accurate reproductions.

We believe the effort is worth it… and we hope you do too.


With a need in the market for true ebooks—ones formatted specifically for e-reader devices like Kindle and Nook readers/apps—reflowable digital books are one thing that’s unique about Smidgen Press.

While not every republication will be a good fit for modern devices, digital books are a priority as we serve readers in all parts of the world, as well as readers who benefit from accessibility accommodations (visual impairments, learning disabilities, and the like).

We welcome comments and suggestions in our pursuit to serve these communities. Write to us at hello@smidgenpress.com.

Smidgen Press - The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope, available in accessibility-ready ebook as well as print.

Print books

Our editions are available in both ebook and print. Though some future projects may remain as reprinted scans to maintain the beautiful originality of the first editions, we take pride in professionally re-typesetting our editions with heritage fonts using classic typesetting practices.

You can purchase directly from us or find our books on stores like Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop.org.

A woman holds a thick paperback book titled An Essay towards a Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason

Literature for learning

We’re loved by literature-based homeschoolers, in particular, but we’re delighted to serve all readers, book clubs, educators, researchers, etc.

Contact us at hello@SmidgenPress.com to inquire about discounts for quantities of 15 or more print books, or to suggest ways we can improve accessibility for our books or our site.

Thank you for choosing Smidgen Press.

We’re dedicated to preserving literary heritage and providing quality reprints that readers can trust.